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What is Typography?

Selecting the right type is essential in graphic design. Typography gives design its character and sets the tone of the message you are trying to communicate. Although the reader is generally unaware of it, every font evokes an emotional response. Serif, sans serif, script, modern and original typefaces all carry meaning. For editorial typesetting, the typefaces selected must be engaging and easy to read otherwise you will lose the reader.


Serifs are the small lines attached to letters. Their origins are a mystery; one theory suggests they arose when scribes using brushes or quills left small marks with the writing implement as they finished each stroke. This evolved into deliberately adding smaller strokes in more regular, artful ways, and those decorative strokes became.

San Serifs

Sans serif typefaces were controversial when they first appeared and were sometimes called “grotesque” typefaces. But when modernist designers like the Bauhaus movement embraced sans serif typefaces, they became associated with cutting-edge design, commerce, and modernism. Futura became one of the first popular sans serif fonts, others like Helvetica soon followed. Sans serif fonts work well where there’s very little room for copy. They also work well for short sections of text, For small type sizes, sans serif type is much easier to read.

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